Episode 9: Other Worlds Already Exist

16–19 Nov 2017
Tramway & Kinning Park Complex & Many Studios, Glasgow
Dance Performance & Discussion

Speech Captions Body Language with BSL & STTR

Storyboard P
21:30–22:30 Sat 18 Nov
 / Glasgow

BSL & STTR Captioning

  • Storyboard P, lit by yellow street light by a street corner writhes his arms
    From Flying Lotus's Until the Quiet Comes - Video by Kahlil Joseph
  • Storyboard P poses on one leg arms out behind him in a checked shirt by a wall

About the event

When Storyboard talks about dance, he can sound like a visionary poet—speech is a caption for body language, dance a way to speak without speaking, a slang of movement that can carry vibrations like the animation of tarot cards and hieroglyphs.

Storyboard P is going to switch between free-styling and chatting, pausing to reflect on the thoughts, emotions and sensations he experiences while dancing, as a way to annotate the space his movement inhabits—somewhere between thought and communication.

In keeping with Story’s thinking about dance as a gestural language, and speech captioning body language, this event will have BSL and STTR captioning. 

Storyboard P will also be taking part in workshop hosted by Project X for the folks on their associate dance programme.