Episode 9: Other Worlds Already Exist

16–19 Nov 2017
In 4 weeks
Tramway & Kinning Park Complex & Many Studios, Glasgow
Dance & Music Performance

Moved by the Motion

Wu Tsang & boychild
20:00–21:00 Sat 18 Nov
 / Glasgow

Event with Strong Visual Component

  • Two legs wearing black high heeled boots stick up above the edge of dark stage
  • A figure with outstretched arms looks away silhouetted by a spotlight in darknes
  • Wu Tsang holds a small camera as they perform on a dark stage

About the event

When we fantasise about Moved by the Motion performances, we imagine a trans future present, after-hours, in the club (which once was a theatre); a fashion photo shoot dreamscape, irreducibly entangled with the best dancers you’ve ever met, Total Freedom playing in the background mixing in Fred Moten reading poetry down the phone, and through the fog you’re thinking about whether “an extrajuridical law of motion” means writing and breaking your own bodily laws every day. This may or may not end up being true.

We think of Wu Tsang’s films, performances and collaborations as embodying a kind of improvisational, queer and trans way of being that uses the impossible or unavailable images of our collective resistance as a way to access and stay within the politics of our sociality.

boychild is a movement and full body make-up artist, cyborg-clown, fashion muse, healer, virtuoso lip-sync artist and regular collaborator in our Episodes. 

Access Note: We expect that this performance, as a predominantly movement and dance piece will have a strong visual component.