Episode 9: Other Worlds Already Exist

16–19 Nov 2017
Tramway & Kinning Park Complex & Many Studios, Glasgow

Discourse or Intercourse: One on One

Robert Softley Gale
14:00–16:30 Sat 18 Nov
 / Glasgow

BSL on Request

  • Robert sits in a chair with a projection behind and he speaks lit by red light
    Still from performance of If These Spasms Could Speak
    Photo by Eoin Carey
  • A pixelated image that appears to be two people engaged in fellatio

About the event

Ten short intimate conversations, that continue themes explored in Robert’s performances at Take Me Somewhere and Buzzcut earlier this year. In those, he asked: 

We all want to see ourselves reflected in the world around us—in society, in art, in culture... in porn? When you’re disabled, do you get that option? And what is it to get your rocks off watching someone in a wheelchair fucking? 

Email us at book@arika.org.uk to reserve a space in one of these conversations. 

Robert will also take part in Discourse or Intercourse: Group Action with Maxine Meighan on Sun 19.