Episode 8: Refuse Powers' Grasp

21–23 Oct 2016
Tramway & The Art School, Glasgow

Recipes to Change Society

Mujeres Creando
17:30–18:30 Sat 22 Oct
 / Glasgow
  • a person behind a cage made from wire & bamboo sticks
    Mujeres Creando Action: at the biennale of Venecia 2015 Maria Galindo talking about art 
  • a person is writing on a stone wall using their foot and blue paint
    Mujeres Creando Action: Contra la usura bancaria (against bank debts). Where many women who cannot read or write sign the contract with their finger
  • a pregnant person with writing on their stomach, the police stand behind
    Mujeres Creando Action: for dignity for prostitutes

About the event

In a world where it seems capitalism has triumphed within our own subjectivity…In a world where injustices seem so huge they succeed in provoking helplessness and resignation within us…

The only way to make sense of such a world is to proclaim social struggle, movement and conflict as a purpose of life.  What is this struggle - that can give sense to the world today? Where do we begin? What is the space of social struggle?  How can we build complicity with one another?

These are the questions Mujeres Creando will attempt to answer, through a sort of prayer and conference, a sort of scream and dialogue - a monologue and declaration at the same time. At Episode 8 we will be joined by Mujeres Creando members María Galindo and Arleti Tordoya Vega

Mujeres Creando

Mujeres Creando, which translates as Women Creating, are a fiercely incredible Bolivian anarcha-feminist street movement that fuse politics and art in an ongoing practice of decolonialisation and depatriarchalisation, involving direct action, propaganda, radio shows, graffiti and collective support and struggle. “Crazy people, agitators, rebels, disobedients, subversives, witches, street grafiteras, anarchists, feministas, Lesbians and heterosexuals; married and unmarried; students and clerks; Indians, chotas, cholas, birlochas, and señoritas; old and young; white and coloured, we are a fabric of solidarities; of identities, of commitments, we are women, WOMEN CREATING.”