A man in garden looks at the screen - "We're here among ourselves…"
Every Little Thing, Dir: Nicolas PhilibertCourtesy Les Films du Losange and Second Run

Every Little Thing (Les Moindres des Choses)

21:30–23:15 Thu 16 Apr
 / Glasgow

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French with English subtitles

Every Little Thing (La Moindre Des ChosesDir. Nicolas Philibert, France, 1997, 105 minutes

Jean Oury established La Borde clinic in France in 1951.  Working there with Felix Guattari and colleagues, he helped advance a worldwide movement against psychiatry, which they considered an oppressive institution violently enforcing normative and alienated ideas of the human. Working with patients, artists, theorists, and scientists, they implemented a radical “politics of experimentation” where residents actively participated in the running of the clinic. Every Little Thing slowly documents the everyday life of residents and staff there in the mid-90s, and their preparations for the annual summer play. It contains complicated moments – about the influence of the filmmaker, consent and documentation, and the performance of care. But, as a poetic insight, it also relates a real tenderness that traces a process of unblocking between residents and staff, who reciprocate in a kind of entanglement, an opening up amongst themselves.