Fred Moten
Performance and Reading

Mutual Instruments

Fred Moten & Miss Prissy
22:00–22:30 Sun 28 Sep
 / Glasgow

Access with Festival Pass or Sunday Day Pass

What might it mean for the body to be a sanctuary that floats?  How might speech caption body language? Is it possible to move other than how you (thought you) move, to speak other than how you (thought you) speak? What might be the capacity to feel through others, for others to feel through you - what is the feel for feeling others feeling you? How might you un-sensationalize yourself? How does the voice or the body remember having been moved by others, with others? How might it feel at ease with the fugitive, at peace with the pursued, at rest with the ones who consent not to be one? Can our favourite Vegas-born poet of prophetic blackness and a South Central transmuter of social rage into beauty feel through each other?

If Duke Ellington’s highest compliment was to say something was ‘beyond category’, Fred’s writing and Prissy’s dancing both just plainly refuse the whole assemblage of Western Enlightenment, post-Kantian individual subjectivity – theirs is a kind of counter categorical imperative.  And: if that doesn’t make sense, hopefully Episode 6 will explore what we mean by it.

Miss Prissy will also appear at the Make a Way Our of No Way Club on Fri 26 and at the You've Never Seen Pain Expressed Like This event on Sat 27 and host a workshop on Sun 28. Fred will be in discussion with Saidiya Hartman in the Fugitivity and Waywardness event on Sat 27. Fred is also taking part in the Realness discussion on Sun 28.

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