Episode 5: Hidden in Plain Sight

24–26 May 2013
Tramway & Stereo, Glasgow

Toxic, No Future/No Past, Charming for the Revolution

Renate Lorenz & Pauline Boudry
19:30–20:45 Sun 26 May
 / Glasgow

Access by Festival or Evening Pass 

  • A gender queer performer sits in a chair on stage, smoking, flanked by plants
    Ouidade Soussi-Chiadmi
  • A white screen shows a double portrait of a woman wearing a gas mask
    Ouidade Soussi-Chiadmi
  • Five people sit and stand, in two rows, in a room where writing covers the walls
    No Future / No Past, dual Super 16 mm/HD film installation
    Andrea Thal

About the event

With a mixture of punk, drag, queerness and droll European affectlessness, Boudry / Lorenz’s razor sharp but often coolly funny films carefully re-present and reconsider composite and jumbled characters: individuals and groups that have historically been marked as ‘other’, freaky, perverse, racialised or socially outcast.  Through mimicry and imitation, (is that a drag Fassbinder, Poly Styrene or Benjamin’s tortoise walking bourgeois time-waster?) and with halting delivery, staged dissatisfaction or disdain, the visceral pull of the past is mined so as to interrogate the conditions of the present in a kind of trans-temporal drag (multiple times existing at once, queerly).