Episode 4: Freedom is a Constant Struggle

18–21 Apr 2013
Tramway, Glasgow

Unfree Improvisation / Compulsive Freedom

Mattin & Ray Brassier
19:15–20:00 Sun 21 Apr
 / Glasgow

Access by Festival or Evening Pass 

  • Mattin stands on stage, harshly illuminated by two vertical fluorescent lights
  • Ray Brassier sits in front of a microphone, with audience in the background
    Ray Brassier

About the event

How do you know what you want? Increasingly today impulse masquerades as freedom – even as our impulses are conditioned, controlled and manufactured. To believe something is to be committed to believing many other things that rationally follow from it. Couldn’t autonomy be the logical, rational freedom from false choices: should freedom be doing what you ought, not doing what you want? How might a philosopher and artist turn this thinking into an enabling condition in the context of noise and improvisation?