Episode 2: A Special Form of Darkness

24–26 Feb 2012
Tramway, Glasgow


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Fri 24 February 2012

  • Performance
    In front of a black curtain, Mattin speaks into a mic, Tim holds aloft drumstick

    Abject Music

    Deflag Haemorrhage/Haien Kontra
    19:30–20:30 Fri 24 Feb
     / Tramway

    It will be loud, full on, possibly disorientating, in some senses extreme. Kicks and contemplation.

  • Performance
    A screenshot of a edited image on Photoshop of Iain with his face in a bucket

    Only Your Pre Formance Is Cult

    Iain Campbell F-W & Amanda Monfrooe
    20:45–21:00 Fri 24 Feb
     / Tramway

    A series of reality dramas happening over the course of the weekend.  

  • Performance

    De Musicorum Infelicitate

    Walter Marchetti
    21:15–22:45 Fri 24 Feb
     / Tramway

    'Ten Pieces in the Form of Painful Variations’ for piano, an impossible score that looks like a grapeshot musical stave, a text of barbed loathing and doubt.  It’s an anti-composition.

Sat 25 February 2012

  • Talk
    Ray Brassier walks along a sunny street in Beirut, he is in profile

    The View From Nowhere Part 1

    Ray Brassier & Thomas Metzinger
    14:30–15:45 Sat 25 Feb
     / Tramway

    Ray and Thomas will be talking about how cognitive neuroscience is unlocking the physical basis of personal experience.

  • Discussion
    Alexi Kukuljevic in a Panama hat smoking a massive cigar

    The View From Nowhere Part 2

    Ray Brassier, Alexi Kukuljevic, Mark Fisher
    16:15–18:00 Sat 25 Feb
     / Tramway

    A conversation, to which we hope you will join in; and which might broadly address itself to how neoliberal capitalism has locked down social experience.

  • Performance
    Malin Arnell, Dressed in white kneeling on the floor by a mirror and a nude

    Rehearsal after Reflect Soft Matte Discourse

    Malin Arnell, Clara López, Imri Sandström
    19:30–20:30 Sat 25 Feb
     / Tramway

    A performed reflection on Malin’s previous re-enacting of a super influential landmark of performance art from the French feminist/ identity politics artist by Gina Pane.

  • Performance
    A body appears to have been stabbed with a pitchfork, but the blood looks fake

    Become What You Are

    Dawn Kasper
    21:00–22:00 Sat 25 Feb
     / Tramway

    Slapstick comedy, monologue, and a kind of live sculpture transformed through video, props, musical instruments and make-up.

  • Performance
    Junko sings into a microphone, lit from behind the image is in B&W


    22:30–23:15 Sat 25 Feb
     / Tramway

    Harrowing but musical confrontations with the very real, physical and aural trauma of a woman screaming.

Sun 26 February 2012

  • Talk
    A title from a a silent film reads "Darkness put an end to  fruitless search"

    All the Colours of the Dark, Except Black

    Socialism and/or Barbarism
    15:30–16:30 Sun 26 Feb
     / Tramway

    A chat, with examples (Zola, Hope Hodgson, H. P. Lovecraft and probably some Hammer Horror), about blackness and the sheer stupid thickness of what has no profundity whatsoever.

  • Talk
    A woodcut of the sun, the celestial boundary and a man breaking through it

    Cosmic Pessimism

    Eugene Thacker
    17:00–18:00 Sun 26 Feb
     / Tramway

    A chat with Eugene Thacker. Can we rethink the world as unthinkable, and without us? 

  • Performance
    A shadowy figure in the middle of a scene of silhouettes of cardboard boxes

    Inhuman Grand-Guignol Theatre

    Taku Unami
    19:30–20:30 Sun 26 Feb
     / Tramway

    Inspired by the supernatural horror of H. P. Lovecraft, black metal and a sense of worry as to what constitutes an object, or a world.

  • Performance
    Keiji Haino in a black fur jacket looking straight at camera in front of a wall

    Keiji Haino

    Keiji Haino
    21:15–22:30 Sun 26 Feb
     / Tramway

    Torrential, wrenching wordless wails, guttural screams and roars, a Haino solo vocal performance.