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Sex Workers' Festival of Resistance NYC

04 Mar 2018
 / New York,

For this day-long festival, sex workers and their allies from New York, the tri-state area, and Europe will gather at MoMA PS1 to debate, perform, dance, strategize & share knowledge.

Recent events

Episode 9: Other Worlds Already Exist

Nov 2017
 / Glasgow

4 days of performances, discussions, workshops, screenings (and a party) with sex revolutionaries, mutant dancers, fan-fiction fantasists, prison abolitionist poets—transfeminist dreaming, Latinx tunes, fantasy, haunted noise, sci-fi, sex worker resistance, crip erotics, porn, militant fiction…

A sign outside a shop that reads Westgap community advice

WestGAP Community Gala Day

Oct 2017
 / Glasgow

Join WestGAP for their Community Gala! A day for EVERYONE in Cessnock and beyond, to meet, eat, have fun, and find out about great local groups and activities. Info stalls, bake sale, kids activities, workshops, live music, dinner and dancing!

Sex Workers’ Festival of Resistance

Apr 2017
 / Glasgow

A Festival supporting the struggle for Sex Workers’ Rights: share knowledge, discuss, dance and strategise!

Past events

Episode 8: Refuse Powers' Grasp

Oct 2016
 / Glasgow

Is there a link between how we’re divided into populations that can be caged and exiled by the prison-industrial complex, and the ways people’s bodies are violently categorised and segregated by race, class, gender or ability?

No Total

May 2015
 / New York

Three days of discussions, performances, actions, dancing and food – continuing No Total’s ongoing contemplation of ways of being together and the ways Arika have been entangled in those, ever since Episode 4. 

Episode 7: We Can't Live Without Our Lives

Apr 2015
 / Glasgow

In a moment of social exhaustion, we want to ask how we might care for each other differently.  We Can’t Live Without Our Lives is a 5-day exploration of care as a form of struggle and resistance, with communities who embody it.

Episode 6: Make a Way Out of No Way

Sep 2014
 / Glasgow

A 3-day exploration - through performance, screenings and discussion - of the art and politics of wayward communities who refuse to be bound by the fictions of race and sex.

Episode 5: Hidden in Plain Sight

May 2013
 / Glasgow

Voguing, drag, clubbing, and the politics of communities making different performances of gender and sexuality visible.

Episode 4: Freedom is a Constant Struggle

Apr 2013
 / Glasgow

Do art forms like black radical poetry, free jazz and improvisation create a space for the performance of freedom? Did they ever? And can they still do so now?

A survey is a process of listening

May 2012
 / New York

A performative survey of listening, as we managed to find it being used as a tool in different practices, disciplines and communities in North America (music, poetry, film, philosophy, activism…). 

Episode 3: Copying without Copying

Mar 2012
 / Glasgow

Copying without Copying is 3 evenings of events that are about what happens when we speak, or when we hear someone speak on our behalf, when we share a collective moment of hearing and maybe understanding.

Episode 2: A Special Form of Darkness

Feb 2012
 / Glasgow

A festival asking how ideas of nihilism, darkness, subjectivity and abjection play out in experimental music, performance art, horror, neuroscience and philosophy?

Investigation: Jean-Luc Guionnet

Feb 2012
 / Glasgow

What’s the best way to spend time with a musician when they visit a city to perform? And when the musician in question has a great deal to say, what sort of concert do you organise to do justice to that?

Episode 1: A Film is a Statement

Jan 2012
 / Glasgow

Every aspect of every film is always about more than just film.  Or, as Godard said: a tracking shot is a moral issue. A cross between a festival, magazine and discussion about experimental artists’ films.

A performance space set up with a ring of black chairs, all facing inwards


Nov 2010
 / Glasgow

The final iteration of Arika's INSTAL festivals, the 2010 edition was an experimental festival of experimental music - 3 days of events at the Tramway that explored un-average ideas about sound and music.

A Marchall stack, a lot of cardboard boxes and an audience in the background


May 2010
 / Glasgow

UNINSTAL was a set of events at Tramway that tested out radical ideas with leading local and international artists. A collection of events (performances, films, installations, walks and talks) about sound and listening.

Taku Unami backlit by white and blue light, in an auditorium

Kill Your Timid Notion 10

Feb 2010
 / Dundee

A mixture of investigation groups, live performances, screenings and installations at DCA; the festival looked to strip back music, sound, film and moving image to their core ideas and explore them with artists and audiences.

Phil Minton conducts his Feral Choir


Mar 2009
 / Glasgow

Looking at and listening to different ideas about sound and music, INSTAL 09's collection of artists included Tetsuo Kogawa, Phil Minton (and his Centruy FC, feral choir), Austrian Actionist Hermann Nitsch, Steve McCaffery and many more.

A B&W abstract image, looks like boiling, but viscous material

Kill Your Timid Notion on Tour

Nov 2008 - Dec 2008
 / London

In 2008 we toured our Kill Your Timid Notion festival of experimental sound and image to London, Bristol and Glasgow, bringing audiences a taste of the previous 5 festival editions.

An audience member views a film, several feet away, in a dark room

Kill Your Timid Notion 08

Oct 2008
 / Dundee

Bringing together artists working with music, sound, film and the moving image, KYTN 2008 saw performances, improvisations, screenings and installations over three days at DCA.

Incapacitants playing electronic instruments on a blue and pink lit stage


Feb 2008
 / Glasgow

A cast of pioneering and provocative spirits who exist outside the mainstream, between borders and definitions, INSTAL 08 included the Self-Cancellation project. See the website linked for the full programme details and line-up.

A Microphone recording at an overgrown and ancient broch


Sep 2007
 / Glasgow

NVA asked Arika to curate and programme all the sound aspects of their 2007 Half-Life production in Kilmartin Glen. Arika worked with Toshiya Tsunoda, Lee Patterson, Rhodri Davies and Angharad Davies.

Audience members surround a constructed sunken circle, where a drummer prepares

Shadowed Spaces

Jul 2007
 / Aberdeen

There exist places in our towns and cities that are created not by design, but by circumstance. Shadowed Spaces was a tour of overlooked, bypassed and unconsidered nooks and crannies with 3 musicians.

Terry Day playing two balloons, one pink, one orange

Music Lover's Field Companion 07

May 2007
 / Gateshead

A three-day celebration surveying all manner of diverse musical activities, which at their core share a basic kinship: one of exploration and the discovery of musical expresssion.

Streams of banded light coming from a projector source

Kill Your Timid Notion 07

Apr 2007
 / Dundee

Investigating the border between the audible and the visible means looking at the margins, the edges of creativity where artists test out new boundaries and define them anew.

Ellen Fullman playing her long stringed instrument


Oct 2006
 / Glasgow

The 2006 INSTAL festival saw a broad selection of artists that included Blood Stereo and Ludo Mich, Ellen Fullman and Sean Meehan, Keiji Haino and Tony Conrad and a specially created performance by Maryanne Amacher.

John Butcher and Akio Suzuki play in the gloom in an old oil tank

Resonant Spaces

Jun 2006
 / Glasgow

A tour with John Butcher and Akio Suzuki that set out to allow the audience to experience (and to listen to) the enviroment around them in different way.

Benedict Drew stands and plays a guitar in front of a white and black screen

Kill Your Timid Notion 06

Feb 2006
 / Dundee

A festival hewn from passions for experimental music, film and visual art and for a passion in figuring out how they can relate to, cross-fertilise and inspire and each other.

Tetuzi Akiyama playing guitar with a red lit audience behind him


Oct 2005
 / Glasgow

A cast of pioneering spirits over an expanded three day festival including Jandek (one year on from his first ever show at INSTAL 04), JO-JO, Tetuzi Akiyama,Tom Bruno, Pauline Oliveros, a legendary Hijokaiden performance and Henri Chopin.

Charlemagne Palestine in a white hat playing two pianos

Music Lover's Field Companion 05

May 2005
 / Gateshead

Taking our festivals south of the border to The Sage Gateshead we set out to offer a few cardinal pointers in the vast array of experimental music practices. 

A cone of light shoots forth from a projector, with muddied reflections behind

Kill Your Timid Notion 04

Dec 2004
 / Dundee

A celebration of risk taking and adventure from some of the boldest pioneers of the past 40 years, melding avant garde and underground forms of music and moving image to create new experiments and experiences in sight and sound.

A B&W image of Jandek, in a hat, playing a guitar


Oct 2004
 / Glasgow

Now a two day festival, INSTAL 04 was borne of a desire to open eyes, challenge audiences and expand musical horizons. This was also the year in which a certain representative from Corwood Industries made his first ever live appearance.

Four Japanese people play four drum kits on stage


Nov 2003
 / Glasgow

INSTAL's second outing saw performances by AMM, Cosmos (Sachiko M & Ami Yoshida), Voreboms, Vibracathedral Orchestra with Matthew Bower and John Godbert, Paragon Ensemble, Merzbow and Ryoji Ikeda. 

Audience members watch a screen emitting blue light, filling the room

Kill Your Timid Notion 03

Oct 2003
 / Dundee

Taking over the gallery spaces at Dundee Contemporary Arts, the first Kill Your Timid Notion presented a 3 day programme of live immersive experiences and specially curated film programmes.

Graphic of a white bird on a black background


Dec 2002
 / Glasgow

The second edition of the INSTAL festival broadened it's scope to include performances from Francisco Lopez, Phil Niblock, Stefan Mathieu, Alva Noto, Ryoji Ikeda and John Wall.

Publicity image of a man with blood coming out of one ear


Dec 2001
 / Glasgow

The first INSTAL festival (programmed by Barry Esson of Arika and Tiernan Kelly) featured a line-up including Robert Lippock, Philip Jeck, Fennesz, Paragon Ensemble, Icebreaker International, Defaalt and Rhomboi.

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