Photo: Bryony McIntyre

Peter Evans


11 May 2007  •  The Sage Gateshead, Gateshead


A sound of buzzing and flickering metallic drones, glottal stops and guttural growls, and also an explosiveness and purity of sound that reminds you as much of Bill Dixon as anyone else.  Evans is a young musician now based in NYC, and (if you read his press), a kind of Evan Parker on trumpet - a chip off the old multiphonic, split notes and circular breathing block. 


And for sure this comparison does hold water: his command of his instrument, its pitch and its potential for unconventional soundings allows for all manner of breathtaking sweeps and spectral, minimalist drones like some of Parker’s great soprano sax work. But I think it also does Peter a slight disservice, taking away from some of his considerable personal swagger, and his own discoveries.  Maybe the comparison makes it sound like he’s some kind of student of his, carefully building up a technique to mirror Parker.  But Peter has marked out a sound that is distinct and his own, often moving over to the piccolo trumpet, an even more unruly and unpredictable instrument, in order to expand on his palette, to take it’s unruly nature and from it find sounds and conjure events that may not be musically pure, but are honest, expressive and jarring. This is his first solo UK performance.