Kill Your Timid Notion 07

04–15 Apr 2007
DCA, Dundee

KYTN was a festival of sound and image. Over 4 days we explored many different and experimental ways in which artists, filmmakers and musicians could investigate the border between what is visible and what is audible.  And in particular, we looked at the margins, at the leading edge of creativity where people test the boundaries of what has been done before, and define those boundaries anew for themselves.

Each of the artists who appeared at KYTN 07 pursue their own personal artistic obsessions, and we chose to work with them because we think that the fruit borne of those obsessions are often unique, affecting discoveries that can confound and exhilarate; that can bemuse, enliven and charm.

Those discoveries might be found in an audio signal coursing through an electro-magnet and causing nails to hurl about or the swarming multitude of interference built up from candles and light sensitive oscillators.