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Baby Dee


16 Oct 2004  •  The Arches, Glasgow


Former street performer, organist, performance artist, circus performer, harpist, accordion player, tree surgeon and tricyclist performing solo. 

With an uncanny ability to channel her deeply personal spectrum of fragmented emotions into works that often touch a common nerve, Dee’s entrancing and achingly beautiful songs, fleshed out with delicate accompaniment on piano or accordion by her own fair hand, represent a wholly unique set of personal stories that hold a succinct poetry and universal charm and connection; frequently dealing with childhood memories or a lovers wish fulfillment they are often comprised of equal parts delicate charm and heartbreak. This is her first Scottish performance.


Baby Dee was born in Cleveland Ohio. her father was a fire chief. she loved to play the piano as a child and began her professional career as a bear in central park playing the harp. at that time she did not know how to play the harp but people tend to be less critical of bears than they are of other people so the bear made money and Baby Dee could drink beer. The bear went to Paris because that is what a young american bear must do if she wants to become a princess and be cultured and have strange and exotic men and women lavish money and affection on her There she met the wonderful people who called themselves “The Shanghai Bureau” and played the harp with them in very beautiful places. 


She came back to New York {the bear stayed in Paris - proof positive that bears are smarter than people} and began the dark descent into the ignominious and shameful world of serious music. Having recovered her senses some fifteen years later she became an according playing cat (some would say a very sexy accordion playing cat) and commissioned a very talented man named George Bliss to create for her a high rise tricycle so she could ride in style with her concert harp and rule the streets of lower manhattan. (No humble bear ever had it so good). She worked at the Coney Island Sideshow and toured with the Bindlestif Circus. She met Anthony of “Anthony and the Johnsons” and did shows and recorded the harp parts on that wonderful first album. 


Then she went back to Europe and traveled to Scotland where she met John Kamikaze — The Prince of Pain and benevolent despot of The Kamikaze Freak Show. Thens something mysterious happened and she left everything (lots of very heavy and expensive things) in Ghent and came back to Cleveland Ohio where she became a tree climber. While in Cleveland she wrote songs and recorded two albums “Little Window” and “Loves Small Song” David Tibet befriended her and released them on his Durtro label. 

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