Photo: Alex Woodward

Hal Duncan & LAPS

Every Book is Dead

Mashed up queer fantasy of worker’s revolts, biblical demons and present-day hells, and dubbed out cyborg-electro.

“Every book is dead”  - Kathy Acker, On Delany the Magician1

Hal Duncan is a Scottish anarcho socialist queer fantasy fiction writer who produces wild, expansive worlds that spread out across millennia in all directions. He writes deeply queer novels which re-animate dead folklores amidst nano-technology and worker’s revolts, biblical demons and present-day hells, class struggle, theology and contemporary sexuality. He might be inspired by imagining Sodom as a lost homeland, to be returned to.


Rebellious and beloved agitators of Glasgow’s underground, Ladies as Pimps (LAPS) are an anarchic duo formed by Cass Ezeji (Golden Teacher) and Alicia Matthews (SUE ZUKI/ Organs of Love). They combine thick bass, acid and dub beats with Detroit electro, cyborg fashion, 90’s Lounge and Glasgow punk, to create live atmospheres which sound both faster and slower than you might expect. 


  • 1. From Trouble on Triton (1996). Foreword by Kathy Acker.