Huw Lemmey


Politicised fan-fiction chronicling working class gay urban space and fantasy.

In his journalism and blogging Huw Lemmy relentlessly traces histories of queer struggle—picking up threads of class and sex, emotion and fantasy. Huw is also the author of, amongst other things, Chubz: the Demonization of my Working Arse— nightmarish and hilarious political pornography which explores radical politics through the medium of anal apocalypse.

He’s going to read from some of his recent politicised fan-fiction, which may or may not include anuses that swallow all the men in the world, Owen Jones as a crypto-twink prick tease, Jeremy Corbyn at chemsex parties or Nigel Farage in a poppers induced lecherous rage.

Content Note: Explicit sexual content

Access Note: This event will run for less than one hour.